Workshop For Teachers- 2019

Classroom Behavior Management and addressing Low Academic Performance are two main concerns of a teacher. Hence the 2 days workshop conducted on 15 ans 16th of May for the the Teachers of Assisi School, Bangalore focused on this topic.

Day 1 was Classroom Behavior Management and it involved discussions about Understanding Behavior models, classroom behavior, Prevention, correction and supportive strategies, Behavior management techniques and various self reflection activities.

Day 2 was about addressing & enhancing academic performance and it involved discussion on types of students, various conditions and reasons concerning low or inconsistent academic performance. Specific learning disability (SLD) was the main area that was focused. vignettes, real notes images were shared of student diagnosed with SLD. Subtle signs of identification and classroom strategies to be used were discussed along with various group activities.

The participants enjoyed the 2 day workshop filled with activities and, were ready to make classroom rules chart and put into practice various learning outcomes.



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4 thoughts on “Workshop For Teachers- 2019”

  1. Very proud to see you actively involved in creating awareness in teachers.. Would like to see more community based programs Jaishree.. all the best


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