Eye contact is one the most important pre-requisites for effective social communication.
Especially in Autism, it helps the child connect and create awareness about the other person as well as the environment.
Here are few activities & tips that I usually suggest parents to do at home, which can enhance eye contact. 
eye contact..
1.Get to the eye level of the child when you speak. When you stand and speak, it’s difficult for both of you to build a connection. You can get down, lower your tone, focus and speak to the child.
2.Bubbles— I need not mention about this activity. We all know how much the kids like it and such fun it is. But there is a way it is blown. If the intention is eye contact, blow the bubbles to the eye level. If it’s for attention blow it upwards so children look up, down and sideways as the bubbles move.
Fun with Soap Bubbles
3. Bindi Activity—Place red round Bindi around the eyes, above the eyebrows and if required on the whole of face. The color red attracts the child and they can remove the bindi and put it back on a sheet.
blog 3
4.Face Painting—Painting on your face or on the face of the child. If the child likes painting, they are going to love it for sure. Even applying makeup on face will work.
blog 4
5.Eye masks— Masks made of paper, glitter sheets, cardboard, foam sheet can be used.
blog 5
These are some of the basic activities. Will mention few more in the coming posts. Do try and let me know which activity worked the best for your kid!

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