Attention Activities Using Ikea Beads.

“My child doesn’t concentrate”
“My Child doesn’t pay”
“He/she gets distracted very quickly”

I regularly hear these statements from the parents. The reasons for this in young children could be many, especially increased screen time. So glued to seeing the colourful world in the TV, they hardly like the reality which is not as colourful and entertaining as the screen. To reduce screen time and engage them in play, I am listing out some simple activities you can do using the Ikea beads.

ikea beads

Activity 1: Take beads in a plate, use a light weighted plastic spoon and ask them to pick the beads using one hand and transfer them to another box.


Activity 2: Picking the beads and sorting them according the colour in each of the sorting box.

ikea 2

Activity 3: Make different shape patterns, shade each shape with a particular colour. The child can now pick that particular beads and place them as outline.

ikea 4

Activity 4: I love playing with clay and I am sure most of the kids do too. So this activity would be putting these beads into the clay and asking them to remove the beads. It a great visual search activity.

Activity 5: The classic pattern boards. The child can pick each bead using tweezers and place it on the board to make a pattern.

ikea 6

Try these and have fun! 

Do comment your favorite activity. 🙂



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