Menstruation and Personal Hygiene.

The important biological process responsible for reproduction is menstruation. yet it is seen as taboo and especially our culture doesn’t encourage talking about it openly. Hence this session focused on educating young girls about the process of menstruation, breaking myths and the importance of maintaining personal hygiene.

The session was completely activity based learning. The children could see, listen and model the concepts to understand it better. various group activities were conducted about breaking the myths, making strong affirmations and instilling confidence within oneself and the group of girls around. Understanding each others condition ad helping them during hard times was one of the underlying message.

The parts of reproductive system and the process of periods was explained clearly through models and hands on learning activities.


various group activities were conducted which included solving the jumbled words to form affirmations, labeling the missing parts of reproductive system, group discussions on finding out the myths out of the given facts .

Self disclosure,Sharing of personal experiences, stories heard from parents,  friends experiences, excitement about knowing new things. Session was full of fun learning and ended with an affirmation cards with he line given by the girls as a takeaway message.



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2 thoughts on “Menstruation and Personal Hygiene.”

  1. I appreciate your effort in creating awareness in girls about menstruation. Even today there are parents who dont discuss about this with their daughters.


    1. True ma’am. Many children even after having periods didn’t know about the mechanism and so much taboo. I hope to educate more on mentrual health and personal safety.


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